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We Help Readers Discover New Books

We understand the love and hard work it takes to publish a book, and the challenges you face in getting it in front of readers. That is why Novellic has created tools for publishers that are designed to match your books with targeted audiences based on the genres and books they already read and love.

Novellic is a mobile first community for readers. The app is a platform that curates and personalizes book recommendations to each user’s particular reading taste, and provides the tools for our users to create, discover, join and manage book clubs through which they can meet like-minded readers and share book recommendations.

How Novellic can help you promote your books

Novellic's Curated Recommendations

Tell us about your upcoming book releases so we can include them in the Novellic book inventory which feeds the recommendations to our readers

Create Branded Promotions

Create branded collections of your books either by theme, imprint, author or series that are promoted on Novellic users' home pages and targeted according to reading preferences and locales.

Cover Reveal Campaigns

Promote your pre-releases with a cover reveal pop-up. The reveal is displayed to a targeted audience that follows your author or genre and can be viewed for up to seven days from the reveal date.

Celebrate Book Birthdays

Increase your release day sales and boost your book's ranking in the charts by creating a Book Birthday pop-up with sales links that is delivered to readers who have your book on their wish list as well as the wider genre audience

Giveaways and Competitions

COMING SOON: Promote authors and book titles by holding giveaways and competitions within Novellic