Joining a Book Club

Great question! It depends what you’re looking for – are you looking for a book club local to you where you can meet up offline? If so then from the Clubs page click the sort button and choose Near Me. Are you looking for a club that only reads crime fiction or romance or whatever your genre preference is? Then click on the filter button and select the genres you’re interested in to filter out the clubs that share your reading taste.

Out of tokens? No problem! From the Tokens button on the homepage you get to the Tokens top-up screen where you can buy an additional 10 tokens.

Book clubs can either be public or private. To join a private book club the Request to Join button sends a notification to the admin for approval. You will be notified once you are approved so you can confirm your wish to join the book club. No tokens will be spent until you confirm, even if you are already approved but not yet a member.

You will receive a notification once your request is approved. From then you have to confirm your desire to join the book club and spend a token to join the book club.

Congratulations! You are now a member of the book club! Visit the club page where you can see what the book currently being read is, to vote on what to read next, to participate in discussions, to see when the club is meeting up and to check out the club’s wish list of books that have been suggested by other members.

There are two ways to add a book to a club’s wish list. You can either long press the book cover image or from within the book description page click on the share button in the top right corner of the screen. From either of those menus click on the Add to Wish List button and then select the book club(s) you want to suggest the book to.

From the Poll button on the book club page you can see if the admin has set up a poll for what to read next. If you haven’t already voted you will see a + button next to each book title. Clicking on the vote button will register your choice for the next read. Please note you can only vote once in any poll.

Click on the Meetup button within the book club page and you will see if the admin has scheduled a date, time and place for the club to meet up. Toggle the Attending button to let the others know if you’ll be joining.

From the book club page click on the Books button. The top area will show what the club is currently reading and the lower section of the screen will show you what previous books have been read by the group.

From the book club page click on the Discussions button to bring up a list of topics currently being discussed by the group. To participate in an ongoing discussion click on it and then add your reply. To create a new topic of discussion use the New button in the top right corner of the screen to start a new conversation.

From the Members section of a book club the Invite button is on the top right corner of the screen. You can invite existing friends or enter a friend’s email address to invite them to join the book club you’re in.

From the Members section of the book club page or from the Users tab on the app click on the name of the member you would like to message and then from their profile page click on the envelope icon to send them a private message. Alternatively, from your home screen click on the envelope to get to your private messaging inbox and from the top right corner click on the New button to send a new message to a friend.

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