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Your genre preferences are highlighted as large boxes so you can access them quickly. The text boxes are tags that describe one or more of your favourite books and are a great way to discover new reads with similar tags and themes. All other genres curated by Novellic show up as smaller boxes so you still have the ability to access them even if they’re not on your favourites list.

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At Novellic we believe that serendipitous discovery of a great new book can only happen through curation and personal recommendation. Every time you click on any of the bookstore boxes we present you with 12 handpicked books that we think you might like. Every new visit shows a different selection so keep coming back to the store for more great recommendations.

Category: Buying a Book

Long pressing the book cover or using the book page menu in the top right corner brings up a list of options among which is “I don’t like this book”. Use this to hide any books that you don’t want to see again.

Category: Buying a Book

Novellic currently supports iBooks being purchased directly from within the book page as well as paperback and hardback orders with FREE worldwide delivery from Book Depository, or through your local Amazon store. All Buy options are available to click on from the book page within the Novellic app.

Category: Buying a Book

Yes – the easiest way to do this is to click on the Amazon buy button on the book page and then selecting the paperback or hardback version of the book. Once you are on the Amazon website simply change the format of the book to Kindle or Audible to purchase and download as you normally would.

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Any iBooks or samples bought from within Novellic can be read using the iBooks app on your device.

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No! The only books visible to your profile visitors are the ones listed on your Favourites or personal Wish List tabs.

Category: Buying a Book

Getting Started

Your Novellic experience is personalized to your reading taste. By signing up and telling us about the books you like to read we help you find book clubs that read the same genres you love, discover great new books to read, and help you make new friends through shared bookish interest.

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Go ahead and explore! Looking for a book club to join? Hit the Clubs tab and sort by location or reading interests. Looking for book recommendations? The Books tab is your personalized bookstore, tailored to the book genres you told you us you liked! Looking to meet new friends? Head over to the People tab and see if you have already been matched with other users based on shared favourites or book clubs in common!

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Tokens are spent on creating and joining book clubs. You spend one token to join and two tokens to create your own book club. When you sign up to Novellic you are given 10 free tokens to use within the app and in the future we will be providing ways through which you can earn more should you need them. In the meantime, if you are low on tokens then please contact us to request more.

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Your Novellic friendships are formed in two ways: By joining a book club you are automatically friended with other members so you can interact directly, recommending books to them, inviting them to join other clubs and sending them private messages. The second way you form friendships on Novellic is by favouriting books – other users who have favourited the same books are added to your Friends list helping you forge bonds through the shared love of the same books.

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Visitors to your public profile on Novellic can get a better idea of what sort of reader you are by viewing your Favourite Books. Additionally, by choosing your favourite reads we help you make new friends by connecting you to other readers who have favourited the same title. Lastly, by telling us what your favourite books are and what you’re planning to read next (Wish List), you help us curate a better book store experience for you.

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The Personal Wish List is your own private TBR pile – a place to keep track of all the books you would like to read or have been recommended by friends or other users.

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Your Home screen has three buttons in the header area which, from left to right, take you to your private messages inbox, your tokens page, and the alerts and notifications section.

Category: Getting Started

There are two ways to share a book recommendation with a friend. You can either long press the book cover image or from within the book description page click on the share button in the top right corner of the screen. From either of those menus click on the Recommend to Friends button and then either click on the friend’s name or alternatively enter their email address in the search box before clicking Done to send the recommendation.

Category: Getting Started

We are always looking for suggestions for new genres to include in our curated bookstore catalogue! We would love to hear from you if you can’t find your favourite genre – from the Books tab click on the Can’t Find Your Preferred Genre link at the bottom of the page and let us know what books to add in our next release.

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Sometimes a book description isn’t enough to give you an idea of what it’s about and we’re strong believers that the best recommendations and descriptions come from readers who love the books and know their content inside out. Did a book make you cry? Do you want us to know it’s about zombies? Leave tags for other readers to get a better idea of the book’s contents. Tags also help us serve you better book recommendations. and are pulled into the personalized bookstores as curated boxes that group books from across genres under common tags.

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The notifications are saved for you so you can keep track of book recommendations and club invites. To delete notifications swipe left and click on the Delete button, which will also remove the notification from your alerts counter.

Category: Getting Started

Joining a Book Club

Great question! It depends what you’re looking for – are you looking for a book club local to you where you can meet up offline? If so then from the Clubs page click the sort button and choose Near Me. Are you looking for a club that only reads crime fiction or romance or whatever your genre preference is? Then click on the filter button and select the genres you’re interested in to filter out the clubs that share your reading taste.

Out of tokens? No problem! From the Tokens button on the homepage you get to the Tokens top-up screen where you can buy an additional 10 tokens.

Book clubs can either be public or private. To join a private book club the Request to Join button sends a notification to the admin for approval. You will be notified once you are approved so you can confirm your wish to join the book club. No tokens will be spent until you confirm, even if you are already approved but not yet a member.

You will receive a notification once your request is approved. From then you have to confirm your desire to join the book club and spend a token to join the book club.

Congratulations! You are now a member of the book club! Visit the club page where you can see what the book currently being read is, to vote on what to read next, to participate in discussions, to see when the club is meeting up and to check out the club’s wish list of books that have been suggested by other members.

There are two ways to add a book to a club’s wish list. You can either long press the book cover image or from within the book description page click on the share button in the top right corner of the screen. From either of those menus click on the Add to Wish List button and then select the book club(s) you want to suggest the book to.

From the Poll button on the book club page you can see if the admin has set up a poll for what to read next. If you haven’t already voted you will see a + button next to each book title. Clicking on the vote button will register your choice for the next read. Please note you can only vote once in any poll.

Click on the Meetup button within the book club page and you will see if the admin has scheduled a date, time and place for the club to meet up. Toggle the Attending button to let the others know if you’ll be joining.

From the book club page click on the Books button. The top area will show what the club is currently reading and the lower section of the screen will show you what previous books have been read by the group.

From the book club page click on the Discussions button to bring up a list of topics currently being discussed by the group. To participate in an ongoing discussion click on it and then add your reply. To create a new topic of discussion use the New button in the top right corner of the screen to start a new conversation.

From the Members section of a book club the Invite button is on the top right corner of the screen. You can invite existing friends or enter a friend’s email address to invite them to join the book club you’re in.

From the Members section of the book club page or from the Users tab on the app click on the name of the member you would like to message and then from their profile page click on the envelope icon to send them a private message. Alternatively, from your home screen click on the envelope to get to your private messaging inbox and from the top right corner click on the New button to send a new message to a friend.

Starting a Book Club

If you would like to start your own Novellic book club go to the Clubs tab and click on the New icon in the top right corner of the screen. Enter the club details and choose the first book to read as well as the genres you will be reading in youc book club. Choose whether the club is public or private and you’re good to go!

Yes! In the location simply select the Online Only option.

Congratulations! Now you have the tools to get your book club up and running. Add a few books to your club’s wish list and create the first poll for what to read next. Invite friends to join your book club, create a new discussion thread and organize the first meetup. For instructions see each individual feature’s FAQ.

From your book club page click on the Settings button to get to the Admin section. From there the Poll button takes you to area where you can create a new poll, cancel an existing one (discarding the outcome) or ending it and confirming the next read.

From your book club page click on the Settings button to get to the Admin section. From there the Meetup button takes you to the area where you can create a new meetup or edit or cancel an existing one.

From your book club page click on the Settings button to get to the Admin section. From there the Members button takes you to the area where you can view existing members. In the top right corner of the screen you will see if you have any pending requests for approval. Clicking on that takes you to a new page where you can see who has requested to join your club. To view their profiles click on their pictures, and to approve them click the Select button in the top right hand corner of the screne then click on the users you want to approve.

From your book club page click on the Settings button to get to the Admin section. From there the Members button takes you to the area where you can view existing members. Long press the picture of the member you want to exclude and a menu pops up – from there click on Remove Member to remove them from the book club permanently.

Within the discussions page swipe the topic to the left to reveal the delete button, or alternatively from within the topic page a similar swipe allows you to delete a single reply.

At the moment this isn’t possible but we are working on introducing this feature in an upcmoming release.

From your book club page click on the Settings button to get to the Admin section. From there the Club Info button accesses the form to make changes to the book club title, description, genres, location and privacy settings.


Email us with as much detail as possible to the address be at novellic dot com

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