Authors, Grow Your Fan Base By Leading A Book Club

I have always maintained that the author-as-a-brand is the strongest selling link across the publishing chain. Whether self, indie or traditionally published, the emotional connection forged by dedicated readers is never with a publisher or an imprint—it’s with the author him or herself. This relationship is, more than anything else, built on trust. Readers who love an author’s work trust that author’s taste. Readers intuitively know they’ll like the same books their favorite authors like. So to grow your audience, take that logic one step further and create your own, official book club. This concept can be seen informally among

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Fixing the Broken Experience of Genre Fiction Retail Online

For years, the numbers have been telling us that digital adoption among genre fiction readers is at least double that of the general and literary fiction reading audience. In fact, a recent report shows that romance, for example, makes up only 4.4 percent of print sales in the US, but a whopping 45 percent of all ebook sales. Stat after stat and survey after survey have shown similar trends for crime, fantasy and even YA (young adult) books. Yet we still seem to be trying to fit digital readers into one singular mold when we think of innovation in book

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9 Fiction Micro-Genres To Pack On Your Summer Holiday

Flights booked, sun cream bought and swimsuits on next-day-delivery order — it’s time to focus on the most important decision before heading to the airport: What books are you going to read on holiday this summer? Whether it’s a flirty romance or the latest James Patterson installment, our holiday go-to books tend to be more of the same every year. Traditional book genres such as fantasy or crime can still leave you indecisive with too many books to choose from. Looking for a change? We have you covered! At Novellic our readers create and join book clubs to read books from a

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7 Fiction Micro-Genres You Never Knew You Wanted To Read

With summer long forgotten and having piled all our summer beach reads off to the nearest charity shop, it’s time to restock the bookshelves in readiness for cozy nights in. Whether you’re happiest browsing the shelves at your local independent bookshop or more comfortable grabbing the latest ebooks from the comfort of your sofa, it’s easy to fall into old habits and just keep reading the same authors in the same genres you’re used to. We’re here to help with that! Here’s a list of seven fiction categories you might have never heard of and wouldn’t have thought to read,

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Changing Reader Habits in a Digital World

I have been trying to pinpoint the exact moment, or indeed the book, when I became a digital reader. I’d bought my e-reader years earlier and had a handful or titles on there but was still predominantly a paperback girl picking up most of my books on the high street. The shift must have been subtle at first, a gradual onset until I realized this month that I haven’t read a physical book in over two years. The realization came when I heard that one of my favourite authors was having a book signing event in London. An orderly queue

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A Manifesto For Reaching Readers

Let us be clear —“Direct to consumer” is not about selling books through your website. Rather, it is a philosophy that puts your consumer, the reader, first and foremost in each and every activity that the business undertakes. That might seem straightforward enough but with decades of complex author, agent and retail agreements piling up not to mention territorial licensing, franchise deals and the like readers may have taken a bit of a back seat in publisher corporate strategy. The first phase of the digital evolution of the industry has taken place and where we go next depends on publishers

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