Books, but social

Novellic is a mobile app for readers and book clubbers. Novellic curates and personalises book recommendations to each user’s particular reading taste, and provides the tools for users to create, discover, join and manage book clubs through which they can meet like-minded readers and share book recommendations. All our recommendations come from real readers and the books they love.


Your very own bookshop

Have you ever dreamed of a bookshop made just for you, recommending all the books you would love to read?

Every Novellic user has their own personal store which is unlike anyone else's. Here's how we build yours:

Pick your favourite genres

By telling us what you like to read we rearrange the genre boxes so the ones you like are more prominent while still showing you more genres for those times you want to venture out of your usual reads.

Personalised book tags

We also keep track of the books you add to your bookshelves, whether they're books you've read and loved or have added to your TBR, and we use those tags to recommend new books with similar themes.

Hand picked book recommendations

We don't want you scrolling through pages and pages (and pages and pages) or book lists to find something you'd like to read. Any box you click on in your store will hand pick 12 titles to show you for that category.

Refresh your bookshop

As with your favourite real world bookshop, you don't want to keep coming back to the exact same recommendations time and again. Every time you open the app your bookstore is refreshed and new titles recommended.

Track your Reading

Set your annual reading goal and track your progress throughout the year by adding your books to your reading shelves. You can even use your phone camera to scan your books in (also very useful when you're out and about and come across an interesting book you'd like to know more about!)

We'll even keep track of the books you DNF (did not finish!) and make sure the books you dislike are not included in your personal recommendations.