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Explore a bookish world tailored to your reading taste with Novellic, the ultimate mobile app for avid readers and book club enthusiasts!

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Novellic is a mobile app for readers and book clubbers. Novellic curates and personalises book recommendations to each user’s particular reading taste, and provides the tools for users to create, discover, join and manage book clubs through which they can meet like-minded readers and share book recommendations. All our recommendations come from real readers and the books they love.

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Whether it's a reading group of friends, a big group #readalong or an author's way of keeping the community engaged Novellic book clubs let you manage the book you're currently reading, keep track of what the club has read in the past, manage membership through public and private book club settings and most importantly, keep the book chat alive throughout.

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Set your annual reading goal and track your progress throughout the year by adding your books to your reading shelves. We'll even keep track of the books you DNF (did not finish!) and make sure the books you dislike are not included in your personal recommendations.